Activity Guidelines


Each activity will need a minimum of six people to run smoothly and not more than ten (so you all stay busy all weekend).

At least one person at your activity needs to have a current First Aid Certificate.

Equipment – All activities need the following

  • First Aid Kit appropriate to the activity.
  • 20 L of water for Venturers, water is supplied by the VOC but you will need a container.
  • Shelter for at least six teams (up to 36 people), such as a large tarpaulin to protect waiting teams from sun and rain

Activity Location

You will need a site for your activity the VOC Activity Coordinator will show you the boundaries of the VOC sector in the forest and can suggest some locations. The best time to find an activity location is of course at one of your VOCs site visits.

What you can and can’t get Teams to do.

Venturers are told to carry a lashing rope each and have a pen and paper and at least one compass per team. 

  • Your activity may make use of the teams lashing ropes, pen & paper, & Compass (have some spares to help teams that lose their items).
  • You may require teams to carry or move one or all of their rucksacks.
  • You may not utilise a team’s First Aid Kit as part of your activity or any other equipment or food.
  • You should make sure that in undertaking your activity a team does not become unduly muddy or wet as most Venturers have only a limited capacity to change into dry clothes. You may not hose them, use mud puddles or water slides.
  • You may not allow Venturers to put anything in their mouth that other people have put in their mouth.


It is very important that you consider in advance the safety requirements of your activity. You will require harnesses, belays, and helmets for heights (feet over 1.5 m) or padded fall areas.  Consider the strength of equipment and its use. You will be required to explain any safety issues your activity has and how you have mitigated them at Dragon Skin. Unsafe activities will be discontinued until they are made safe.

You must provide any safety equipment required for the activity (helmets, gloves etc), however, your VOC Activity Coordinator may be able to help you acquire them.


  • Your activity should be easy to set up and avoid using complex equipment that can break or is hard to transport.
  • There are to be absolutely NO FIRES within the Pine Plantations (whether they are part of an activity or not). Fires are only permitted outside the pine areas by State Forests to protect them from wildfires.
  • If your activity does have a fire, you must have the capacity to extinguish that fire, by having either fire extinguishers or buckets of water or sand on hand at EACH fire.
  • Do not cut down any live trees.
  • Do not attach anything to trees with NAILS or SCREWS as these may be left behind and become a danger to loggers when felling trees.
  • Collect any litter and take home your rubbish.
  • You may not sell food or drinks to Venturers.
  • Your activity should use the Dragon Skin Marking Guide provided (LINK TO GUIDE).
  • Insurance, none of the equipment you bring to use at your activity is covered by Scout or Dragon Skin insurance although your household insurance may cover your personal items, occasionally equipment left on activities has been stolen or damaged, so care must be taken to ensure that all valuable items are removed back to the VOC each evening.

Dragon Skin

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