Most staff at Dragon Skin work on daytime Activities, The Activities are spread throughout the forest, we generally have around fifty activities (each VOC provides about twelve activities) and each activity from the VOC is to be of a different type (first aid, cooking etc).

The activities are an incident meant to challenge the team to show planning, teamwork and ingenuity as well as being a bit of fun. Teams get points based on these as well as attitude and their completion of the activity.

Good Activities are an integral part of Dragon Skin, Activities are what the Venturer teams spend their day finding and achieving, they are the bedrock of the Dragon Skin competition, they need to be challenging, encourage teamwork and initiative.  This will take some planning, however, an activity does not need to be a super complex edition of mission impossible, just a simple idea that fits the activity type and uses the Dragon Skin theme.

Where to start?

Contact your VOC Activity Coordinator (link to VOC Contacts), they will allocate you a VOC Activity Type to work on and tell you about the VOC theme.  They can also give you some ideas about what to do and where to locate your activity.

If you have not been allocated to a VOC and would like to come to Dragon Skin contact one of the VOC commanders. (Link to contacts) or contact the Registrar who can direct you.

Registrar –

VOC 1 Commander

VOC 2 Commander

VOC 3 Commander

VOC 4 Commander


What Types of Activity are required?

Each VOC needs to have activities that use each of the Activity types

  • Art / Expression
  • Bushcraft
  • Communication
  • Construction / mechanics
  • Cooking
  • Environment
  • First Aid
  • Mental Challenge
  • Navigation
  • Physical Challenge
  • Rescue / Retrieval
  • Sensory perception/deprivation

Activities should not utilise multiple types, for example: a First aid activity should test the ability to deal with a first aid emergency and not physical ability to cross an obstacle course (Physical Challenge), orienteering ability (Navigation), knowledge of rock craft (Rescue/retrieval), reading codes (Mental challenge) or sending signals (Communication).

Organise a team!

If you are part of a Rover crew then finding a team should be easy, otherwise, look to other leaders in your group or district or Rover Crews, you will need at least six people so that when things get busy you don’t get worked off your feet and not more than ten so that everyone is keeping busy.

If you are part of a larger Rover Crew attending Dragon Skin please consider running multiple activities, the game is after all Activities for Venturers and we need as many as possible spread as widely as possible.

Dragon Skin

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