Your Physical Fitness

Dragon Skin is a physical event, it involves walking each day, and completing activities that may require you to lift, run, jump, crawl or do other physical tasks. You do not need to be an athlete to attend Dragon Skin, the average Venturer Scout will do just fine, however, if you have recently had an injury that restricts your movement, ability to walk or to do activities or are recovering from surgery then you may need to sit out this year’s Dragon Skin. You can come every year until you are 18 as a Venturer and thereafter as a Rover.

If you have had a recent or pre-existing injury or surgery and would like to attend you MUST have your Doctors permission to attend with a Doctors Certificate citing the Letter For Doctor’s (Below) The Letter for Doctors explains Dragon Skin to your Doctor to allow them to make an informed decision about your attendance. You must also Notify Dragon Skin immediately by email

Dragon Skin Letter for Doctors

If you “just turn up” with an injury that impacts your ability to participate, we will send you home again.

Scouts NSW is an Inclusive Organisation Participants with a disability are welcome at Dragon Skin. Contact us if you need special assistance.


Need help?

If for whatever reason you cannot meet any of these guidelines you should contact Dragon Skin by email and we will assist you with your application.


Looking for ideas on how to prepare yourself?

As we have said, you don't need to be an  athlete to attend Dragon Skin, the average Venturer Scout will do just fine! If you are looking for some exercises to help you and your team prepare, here a helpful video from REI. Of course before you begin any exercise routine be sure to consult with your Doctor or Physical Therapist if needed. 


Dragon Skin

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