Welcome to Dragon Skin -Rovers & Leaders

The 37th annual Dragon Skin will be at Belanglo State Forest to the south of Sydney near Mittagong from the 15th to the 18th of April 2022. The theme for 2022 will be “All Aussie Adventures”, each Venturer Overnight Camp (VOC) will be creating a great Aussie Adventure.

Join us for Dragon Skin 2022 “All Aussie Adventures” at Belanglo State Forest!

Who can come to Skin as a staff member?

All staff members must be at least 18 years old and be a

  • Registered NSW Rover (have completed compulsory e-training) over 18 Years
  • Registered NSW Leaders (have completed compulsory e-training)
  • Registered interstate Leader or Rover
  • Registered Guide Leader
  • Registered Senior Guide (Rover equivalent)
  • Registered Adult Helper*
  • Registered Venturer over 18 years old

Have completed a valid Working with Children Check 

All staff must be allocated to a VOC or HQ

If you have not been allocated to a VOC or HQ and would like to come to Dragon Skin contact the Registrar who can direct you otherwise contact your VOC Commander or the Administration Director.

Non-members MAY NOT attend Dragon Skin (see below*)

* Non Members:  Adults who are not currently members of Scouts or Guides Australia can join Scouts Australian NSW Branch at no cost by completing an A2 Adult Helper form and submitting it online.  The checks involved can take up to 6 weeks so please allow this time for confirmation.

The VOCs

If you have not been allocated to a VOC or HQ and would like to come to Dragon Skin contact the Registrar who can direct you, otherwise contact your VOC commander or the Administration Director to make sure they know you are coming and so you can be allocated a task.

BOOTS (Buckets of On Track Support)

The BOOTS team are our On Track welfare team, they walk the forest during the day engaging with teams and helping resolve any issues they may be having; BOOTS team members may also provide additional support the VOC welfare teams in the evening and assist at Check-in and the Closing Ceremony.

Youth under 15 years:  Attendance by children under the age of 15 is not preferred and must have the specific approval of the VOC Commander and Chairman.  They must be supervised by their parent/s or primary caregiver throughout the event.

Visitors:  Visitors to Dragon Skin must register at HQ on their way into the forest.  Overnight visitors are discouraged and must have the Chairman’s written approval prior to the event.

It is not possible to register at the event and anyone arriving at the event without pre-registering online will be turned away.

WE NEED YOU! What will I do at Dragon Skin?

Most staff at Dragon Skin work on Activities, The Activities are spread out through the forest, we generally have around forty-eight activities (each VOC provides twelve activities). Each activity from the VOC is to be of a different type (first aid, cooking, etc). The activities are an incident meant to challenge the team to show planning, teamwork, and ingenuity as well as being a bit of fun. Teams get points based on these as well as attitude and their completion of the activity.

There are also many tasks on VOC to do with Entertainment, Site Services, catering, Venturer welfare, first aid contact your VOC Commander for details

Registrar –

Admin Director -

VOC 1 Commander

VOC 2 Commander

VOC 3 Commander

VOC 4 Commander


Fires & Smoking

One of the conditions of Dragon Skin being held in the State Forest is that there is a complete ban on smoking and fires inside the pine plantations as these trees will not regenerate like a native bush in a wildfire. Leaders and Rovers who smoke must ensure that their cigarettes are fully extinguished and that all butts are collected. Smoking and fires are also prohibited around tents in the VOCs.


Dragon Skin is a Alcohol Free from the commencement of the event at 0800 Hrs Friday until the end of the event.

Rovers and Leaders are not permitted to consume alcoholic drinks at Dragon Skin. Rovers and Leaders should not consume alcoholic drinks immediately before the official start of Dragon Skin.


Each VOC & HQ has their own fee, which includes food and all the services you will need for Dragons Skin.

Part of your VOC fee includes a $30.00 Dragon Skin leader application fee.

There is a late application fee.

Dragon Skin

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