Some Rules

11.4. Minimum Standard for teams at Dragon Skin

Teams must at all times comply with the following standards to continue participating in the event. It is inevitable that some teams will fall below these standards due to injury or illness of a team member, these teams may at the Activity Directors discretion merge with or travel with other teams to comply with minimum standards. If a team is still unable to meet minimum standards if shall be removed from Dragon Skin. Each team:

  1. Must have at least four members.
  2. Must have a First aider.
  3. Must be fully self-sufficient (ie. able to camp safely outside a VOC)
  4. Must have a map and compass.

Team members approved to travel without equipment must still have on them or carried for them by the team sufficient clothing for prevailing conditions and food for the day.

11.12. Scoring

11.12.1. Teams Score points if they;

  1. Submit an application on time, fully completed.
  2. complete the Pre Skin Activity;
  3. Collect litter; 
  4. Complete activities, equal consideration will be given to five performance areas; planning, teamwork, attitude, execution (effort) and completion.
  5. Walk points. Visit out-of-the-way activities. Points as determined by the Activities Director.
  6. Waiting Points. Waiting an activity site before starting the activity,
  7. Are given special consideration for being delayed or be otherwise hindered by an event beyond their control
  8. Are given special consideration for showing exemplary behaviour.

11.12.2. Teams will lose points if they:

  1. Arrive at a VOC after evening VOC check-in closes;
  2. Remain in a VOC after morning VOC check-out;
  3. Act contrary to the spirit of Dragon Skin, for example by being rude or destructive.

11.13. Disqualification from the Dragon Skin Award

11.13.1. Teams will be disqualified from receiving the Dragon Skin Award and their name will not appear on the result list if: 

  1. The team does not complete the minimum number of activities or scores each day as determined by the Activities Director,
  2. They write fictitious scores in their Passport, 
  3. They do not attend a different VOC each night.
  4. They accept outside assistance contrary to the rules and spirit of Dragon Skin (such as allowing other teams to carry food and equipment or accepting lifts from passing vehicles). 
  5. They enter a prohibited area
  6. The Activities Director deems the team’s behaviour inappropriate.
  7. Teams may continue to participate in the event after being disqualified from the award.

VOC Commanders or the Activities Director should speak to disqualified teams and remind them of the rules of Dragon Skin.  At the discretion of the Activities Director disqualified teams may be reinstated to the award.

11.14. Removal of teams from Dragon Skin

11.14.1. TEAMS can be removed from Dragon Skin if; 

  1. Any member of a team leaves a VOC after checking in;
  2. Any member of a team is found with alcohol or non-prescription drugs;
  3. The team splits up for any reason over the weekend. Teams will not be penalised if someone in the team has an accident or gets sick and is removed from the team;
  4. Any member of a team vandalises machinery or property.
  5. The team is unable to meet the minimum standards for teams at Dragon Skin.
  6. The Chairman deems the team’s behaviour inappropriate.

Teams removed from the event and if practicable may be sent home. Removal of teams from Dragon Skin will be at the discretion of the Chairman of Dragon Skin on the recommendation of the Activities Director. Parents and Venturer Leaders of all team members removed from the event will be informed of the reason for removal. Police will be informed if it appears that a criminal offence has been committed.

11.15. Special Consideration

If a team feels that it has been disadvantaged in any way, they may request special consideration. Disadvantage may include;

  1. Being delayed or hindered by events beyond its control,
  2. Having an injured team member,
  3. Looking after someone injured in another team,
  4. Arriving at an activity that was not ready by the opening time,
  5. Activities incorrectly located.

The team must fill in a Special Consideration Form, noting the reason for being disadvantaged. The forms will be delivered to the Activities Director each evening for consideration of compensation If a leader on an activity, VOC or HQ feels that a particular team has done something exceptional that deserves reward, a Special Consideration Form detailing the team’s good deeds may be submitted by that person. The Activities Director will decide any bonus.

If a leader on an activity VOC or HQ feels that a team has acted contrary to the rules and spirit of Dragon Skin a Special Consideration Form detailing the team’s behaviour may be submitted. The Activities Director will decide what, if any, penalty will follow.

Dragon Skin

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