Activity Risk Assessments

Dragon Skin is committed to providing a safe event for both youth participants and adult volunteers.

All activity leaders must assess how much risk is involved in their activity and together with all of the activities staff must identify risks and state how those risks will be ameliorated.

You don’t have to be risk-averse, just manage the risks involved.

Potential risks should be considered well in advance of the event and an Activity Safety analysis worksheet (LINK TO WORKSHEET) must be completed onsite once the activity is set up and before the opening time of activities on Friday, this worksheet is kept onsite at the activity for inspection by VOC and HQ staff and should be updated as risks change.

Risks to consider

Road safety

Trip hazards, such as;

  • Guy ropes, (cordoned off or flagged).
  • Holes or logs on the ground, (Fill, remove or change path logs can be removed from paths).
  • Falls from heights, equipment that is used to hold people or weight needs to be of adequate strength, load limits need to be supervised.
  • Equipment that might snap under tension such as elastic straps.

Venturers must not be encouraged to eat something that might make them ill or they are allergic to, and may not put anything in their mouth that someone else has.

Venturers should be prevented from getting unduly wet or muddy, as they may get hypothermia on a cold weekend or evening and generally only have a limited capacity to change into dry clothes.

Dragon Skin

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