Food & Cooking

You will need to bring Friday’s lunch to Mondays Lunch, so three dinners, four lunches and three breakfasts, as well as some lollies or snacks for in between.

Hygiene on a hike 


  • Cereal, whatever you like mix a few types together!, place in a snap lock bag. You can either have long life milk or powdered; you can use the bag as a bowl. Put powdered milk in a separate bag and work out before you go how much water you will need to add (using you own cup).
  • OR some instant porridge, you can get it in sachets (use 2) and add some brown sugar
  • Include a fruit and nut bar or a small apple or mandarin


  • Vita wheat biscuits, take some vegemite and cheese to put on them. Try twiggy sticks, Have a fruit and nut bar as well and some celery sticks. OR try making sandwiches using English muffins, they will last a while.


  • You need to think light, you could buy pre-prepared meals from a hiking store, these can be expensive, but preparing your own is easy.
  • Dinners for hiking (Dinners)
  • Friday Bring your favourite casserole or stew,
  • Freeze it at home and reheat at skin; easy and quick but can be heavy.


Hot chocolate or tea to keep warm at night.


Share them around, don’t take lollies that have lots of wrapping, like starbursts or minties get jelly babies and jubes, nuts sultanas etc, chocolate will melt (although I do like bullets) throw in some cereal like fruit loops.

AT HOME – open all the lolly bags up and put in a mixing bowl…mix, separate into a lolly bag for each day and then make sure you all eat them!


Dragon Skin recommends bringing a gas or liquid fuel stove to cook on, they can make a big difference to cooking a meal at Dragon Skin. Stoves can also be dangerous when used by a novice or someone who doesn’t know how to work them, practice using your stove before you come to Dragon Skin.  

Dragon Skin

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