Code of Conduct

The purpose of Scouting is to encourage the physical, mental, social and spiritual development of young people. The example and guidance of dedicated men and women who help the youth members in the fulfilment of the Scout Law and Promise, so they become constructive and responsible citizens achieve this.

This Code of Conduct is expected of all Venturers, who are members within the Scout Association:

  1. Venturer Scouts respect the dignity of themselves and others.
  2. Venturer Scouts demonstrate a high degree of individual responsibility, recognising that at all times their words and actions are an example of other members of the Movement and the Community.
  3. Venturers in Scouting act at all times in accordance with scouting principles, set out in the Scout Law.
  4. Venturer Scouts act in consideration and good judgment in all interpersonal relationships, both inside and outside Scouting.
  5. Venturer Scouts respect everyone’s rights to personal privacy at all times. They take special care where sleeping, changing of clothes, bathing, and ablutions associated with any Scouting activity.
  6. Venturer Scouts realise that bullying, physical and verbal abuse, neglect or any other type of abuse is unacceptable conduct by any member of the Movement.
  7. Venturer Scouts should respect all other members of the Movement, Leaders and Youth alike.

Dragon Skin

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