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Dragon Skin Deputy Chair

Applications are invited for the position of the Deputy Dragon Skin Chairperson. This position is open to Rover Scouts and Leaders who can demonstrate the required experience to take on this challenging but rewarding position. 

Please send your cover letter, detailing your experience and how you meet the criteria to

Applications Close Wednesday 6th December. 

What Is The Purpose Of My Role?
The purpose of the Dragon Skin Deputy Chairperson is to learn the management and leadership skills involved in running Dragon Skin through the lens of operations, program, welfare and logistics. You will be required to assist in managing a team and provide guidance where necessary. Further to this, you will be deputised in all authority and across all details of the event.
Where Do I Fit In?
The Dragon Skin Deputy Chairperson reports to the Dragon Skin Chairm. The role will interact with and facilitate conversations with other members of the Dragon Skin Executive Committee.
How Much Time Is Required?
The expectation would be that the applicant is available to:
Attend regular meetings of the Dragon Skin Executive Team. (Currently The Dragon Skin Executive Committee meets on the third Wednesday of each month)
Attend the entirety of the annual Dragon Skin event, hosted at Easter. (From Thursday afternoon through until the completion of the pack up of the Dragon Skin HQ base on Monday)
Outside of this, the time required for this role will vary depending on the specific responsibilities and priorities at any given time. It is important to be prepared to commit the necessary time and energy to this role to effectively support the wider Dragon Skin team.  
What Does The Role Involve?

My Key Responsibilities The Key Activities I Will Perform
Assist the Dragon Skin Chairman in providing leadership, guidance and support to Dragon Skin Executive Committee ● Assist with oversight of the operations and management of the Dragon Skin executive committee to build the logistics, welfare and program to the camp.
● In the absence of the Dragon Skin Chairman, chair the meetings of the Dragon Skin Executive Committee
Ensuring Dragon Skin is properly aligned with the Scouts Australia Youth Program ● Implementing changes to language and identifying what achievement pathways are relevant to Dragon Skin activities
● Include relevant adventurous activity facilitators in the discussions of the program for the event.
Issues Management ● Assist the Dragon Skin Chairman and the Dragon Skin Activities Director in resolving issues that arise during the event relating to alcohol and/or drugs, bullying and welfare concerns.
Assist with ensuring the delivery of a high-quality event • Ensure effective communication and collaboration between the event teams and other teams within the organisation
• Assist with collating the post event debrief
• Provide feedback and recommendations for future Dragon Skin events
Assist with the set up and operation of the Dragon Skin HQ base • Setting up of camp equipment, signage, catering facilities
• Assisting with ad hoc tasks of the HQ team where necessary during the event

What Skills Do I Need For This Position?

• Knowledge of Dragon Skin
• Knowledge of the Scouts Australia Youth Program
• Strong organisational skills
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Ability to work well under pressure and meet deadlines
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team
• Strong leadership skills

• Experience in coordinating large scale Scout events
• Knowledge of Scouts NSW child protection policies and practices
• Experience in event planning and management
• Experience in budget management
• Experience in dispute resolution

Personal Attributes
• Integrity
• Initiative
• Flexibility
• Resilience
• Empathy
• Positive and proactive attitude
• Confidence and the ability to take charge in a leadership role
• Strong problem-solving skills

Interpersonal Skills
• Ability to work well with a variety of people and personalities
• Excellent communication skills

Dragon Skin

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