Welcome to Dragon Skin 2022

The 37th annual Dragon Skin will be at Belanglo State Forest to the south of Sydney near Mittagong from the 15th to the 18th of April 2022.

The theme for 2022 will be “All Aussie Adventures”, each Venturer Overnight Camp (VOC) will be creating a great Aussie Adventure.

Join us for Dragon Skin 2022 “All Aussie Adventures” at Belanglo State Forest!

Who can join a team and compete at Skin?

•       Registered Venturers aged 14 to 18 Years

•       Registered Guides aged 14 to 18 Years

•       Invited School Teams undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh Award as a part of a school program.

At least one member of each team must hold a current first aid qualification.

All team members must have their Introduction to ScoutingIntroduction to SectionStage 3 in CampingStage 3 Bushcraft and Stage 4 Bushwalking. or have the equivalent skills (non-Venturers)

Teams should have at least four (4) and may have up to seven (7) members

All team members must check in together at ONE location

Can’t find a full team? Don’t worry! Understrength teams and even individual applications are still very welcome. We will place you with other understrength teams to make up a full team at check-in.

Venturers with a disability are welcome at Dragon Skin. Contact us if you need special assistance.

How much does it cost?

A common fee of $130 per team member applies. This is payable via the Online Registration system.

How to enter

Every team member must complete an individual online application via the On-Line Registration System. As part of the Team Leader’s application, they will be able to create the team. 

The Team Leader will need to know the names of all team members (correct spellings) and their Scout Membership Numbers

Once all Team Members have applied, paid and uploaded complete and correct signed application forms, a team confirmation will be emailed back to the Team Leader and will include how to get all the information needed to plan for the event, as well as details on when and where to check-in.

Need help?

If for whatever reason you need help you should contact Dragon Skin by email and we will assist you with your application.

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Dragon Skin

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