Preparing for Skin

Preparing for Skin

While at Dragon Skin you will be camping for three nights and spending the day hiking through the forest doing activities. Teams must be fully self sufficient, while the terrain is generally not too hard you may encounter prolonged rainy and cold conditions for which your whole team must be prepared.


VOCs can be up to 10 KM apart. During the day you will make your way to various activities and although it is entirely up to you how many activities you do, you could end up walking quite a long way.

Team work

You must spend the entire event together as a team, you cannot split up for any reason. You need to get along with each other. Teamwork does not always come naturally, you need to listen to each other, and consider what each member of your team has to say. When you decide on a course of action, such as how to do an activity or where to walk to next, do it together and then support each other in implementing it, if the idea isn't working stop together and discuss the problem again.

What to take with you

You must carry all your personal and team equipment with you all weekend.

There are some Compulsory Items you and your team must have, see the equipment list.

PACK LIGHT! Keep you pack's weight to no more than 20% of your bodyweight, this may affect how team items are shared amongst your team.

Whatever you do, don't just let mum and dad pack for you!

KEEP DRY! Line your pack with a strong plastic garbage bag, and put your sleeping bag in a separate bag. If you put anything like a tent on the outside of your pack, put that in a plastic bag as well.

This is up to you but you must be adequately prepared for wet and cold conditions and be able to camp outside a VOC independently of help.